Race Overview



A race situated on the northern edge of the Gobi desert and the grassy plain belt in the vicinity of the Mandal Gobi and Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.


Organization committee chief


General Director


Management Director


Racing Director


Logistics & Travel Director

OJIRI Masahiro

Doctor Medical Director

IENAGA Shinichiro

Director of Mongolia

Natsag Munkh-Amgalan


Racing Authority:SSER MONGOLIA

Mongol National Olympic Committee



1992-4 Minamikata Toon Ehime 791-0301, JAPAN

TEL +81-89-960-6905 FAX +81-89-960-6906


Matsuyama Branch of Mizuho Bank (651) Regular 2107069 Gobi Marathon Office



Dates Time Official Schedule Official Travel Program
(In-country transit schedule)

Sep 5

    Japan to Ulaanbaatar
Overnight hotel stay
Sep 6
8:00-12:00 Pre-Race Day

Registration procedures
Equipment inspection

  10:00-11:30 Health checkup by physician  

Open ceremony & briefing

13:00 Transit by bus
08:00 ETAP-1 30.00km 08:00 START
2 catered meals; morning & evening
Light meal at No. 4 aid station and beverages at each aid station
Sep 8
08:00 ETAP-2 40.00km
Sep 9
08:00 ETAP-3 50.00km
Sep 10
08:00 ETAP-4 55.00km
Sep 11
08:00 ETAP-5 50.00km
Sat. 12
08:00 ETAP-6 25.00km
  14:00 Award ceremony To Ulaanbaatar hotel by bus
Sep. 13
Sep. 14



4.Entry & Participation

This race is open to male and female participants 18 years of age and older. Participants in this race should fully and correctly understand the race rules and have a spirit of sportsmanship. Participants younger than 18 are allowed but must be accompanied by the guardians of kinsman of the third degree.

Participants are likely to encounter trouble during the race but can challenge each different goal rather than worrying about always having to complete the entire course.

To participate in this race, please pay the following participant fees by way of the specified procedure.

Besides the participant fee, the travel expenses (or passport package) must be paid.


4-1 Entry procedures

Entry procedures Case1 80,000yen (incl. tax)
(Entry process period) From: December 1 2014 to June 1, 2015

Entry procedures Case2 120,000 yen (incl. tax)
(Entry process period) From June 2, 2015 to August 20, 2015


The entry procedure time periods are grouped into Case 1 and Case 2.
If participating in the race is impossible after having finished the entry procedures then we will refund the fee as follows.
Through June 1, 2015 we will refund 70% of the entry fee, and through August 20, 2015 we will refund 50% of the entry fee by bank transfer to the payee’s specified bank account.
There will be no refunds given from August 21, 2015 and onwards.
To avoid disputes and misunderstandings, we only accept race cancellations via certified-content mail.


4-2 Travel Procedures

Travel expenses: Option A; 298,000 yen or Option B;168,000 yen

Option A Package covering everything including plane trip and hotel->
Make payment via travel agent
Option B Ongoing race support package not including plane trip and hotel->
Make payment via NPOSSER

*Entry fee + payment for option A or option B is required.


Due to currency fluctuations or equipment changes by participants, June 1, 2015 is set as the final payment date. The entry procedure period will therefore start from June 1 onwards.
A volunteer package specially designed for volunteer participants and a support type packages will both be available at that same time.


A: Package including plane and hotel

All-inclusive package: 298,000 yen (Application period) From June 1, 2015 to August 20, 2015

Option A for this race features joint sponsorship for hospitality services such as shipping and in-country transit, catering and medical care, and also a travel agent to handle travel arrangements. This option takes a large load off the participant and gives a feeling of security by providing peripheral services down to the small details.
Fees involved in these services include round-trip air fare, hotel costs, in-country transit expenses within Mongolia, party participation fees, and all catering costs during competition including supply of water during the race. Also included are fees for medical support during emergencies, accident pickup and transport by helicopter, shipping fees for equipment (weight limits in effect) between camp sites (bivouacs), and country exit procedures if a return to Japan is suddenly necessary.
Besides the basic package shown below, you can consult with us about a variety of customized packages such as flex options for spending time here before and after the race.


B: Persons living outside Japan, Persons making their own plane and hotel arrangements

Support package: 168,000yen (Application period) From June 1, 2015 to August 20, 2015

Option B for this race is designed for those not living inside Japan and those who are making their own air travel and their own hotel accommodations in Ulaanbaatar and includes all catering costs including water supply, party participation fees, and in-country transit within Mongolia from the opening ceremony onwards. You must apply for the support package including expenses such as for medical support during emergencies, accident pickup and transport by helicopter, shipping fees for equipment (weight limits in effect) between camp sites (bivouacs), and for transport after pickup recovery if you have to quit while the race is still in progress. The cost for these services must be paid directly to NPO SSER.


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