About US

Our organization was first launched in 1985 as a group to hold sports events. Our official name is the SSER Organisation. Since our founding 28 years ago we have continuously sponsored exciting events and sports activities. Competitors who participated in events sponsored by our organization up to now number over 30,000 people and we have built up a solid record in competitions spanning all types of outdoor activities as well as numerous motor sports events, exhibitions, and symposiums, etc.

We have been quite active in sponsoring adventure treks spanning the Tibetan highlands from Kashmir to Mount Everest, the ruins of the Guge Kingdom in Zanda, treks across the Lop Nur and Taklamakan deserts, and cutting across the Eurasian continent, etc. This activity is especially intense in Mongolia where for some 20 years since 1995 we have been sponsoring international cross-country events in cooperation with all kinds of official organizations in that country. These competitive events are on a level nearly unmatchable even on a worldwide scale and consist of highly challenging and adventurous desert elements that pose real challenges to a multitude of competitors from countries throughout Europe such as France, Belgium, Netherlands, the UK as well as from diverse countries such as Canada, the US, Colombia, Russia, Mongolia, Korea, and China.

These competitions foster dreams of racing across vast splendid outdoor landscapes in Mongolia that only those who have experienced it can understand. The current events are held by the NPO SSER with the SSER Organisation serving as the parent body.

Currently the NPO SSER is also holding a rugged bicycle competition called the Kumakogen Hill Climb Race and we manage a variety of human adventure races.

The general director of the current rally is Koji Ishihara a TV director who was also the first Japanese to take part in the Paris-Dakar Rally. As director of the popular “So This Is The World!” TV program he is constantly running around to various unknown parts of the world in his “This is the world” racer that captured a win it its class in the Paris-Dakar rally. In the Paris-Beijing rally in 1992 he surprised everyone by crossing the Eurasian continent in a mini-car called the Vivio.

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