「Go Beyond the Universe」

Date: Sept. 6 thru Sept.13 2015 (Sunday to Sunday) 6etaps


At Last! The 3rd.Gobi Desert Marathon!
A magnificent vast plain extending to high latitudes at the center of the Eurasian continent!
This is a grueling run race marathon in tough stages consisting of 6 etapes totaling 250 kilometers.
However, there you will find a surprisingly rich and vibrant interaction between people and nature.
Our current theme is “Go Beyond the Universe” in this marathon.
This is not merely taking one’s body and will to its limits,
But rather calling upon a spirit within the vast space inside of us.
There you will meet a part of yourself you have never seen or felt before.

The Gobi desert marathon is a place where one can stare wide-eyed at the great outdoors steeped in all of its mystery. The sight of those taking part in the race is stirring. Well, now we are preparing once again for our third annual race.
The sponsor is NPO-SSER having a staff with plenty of experience in managing race events. They have acquired a solid reputation not only from their more than 30 years of experience in holding tough sporting events both within and outside Mongolia but also for full hospitality to guests that includes management and medical care systems.
This race also gives full consideration to the environment and is held in complete cooperation with the Mongolia Nature Conservation Ministry. This race also has its own established environmental code, and all participants hold a high awareness and understanding of its true meaning. The main site for managing this race event is the GMP or Gobi Marathon Park at the boundary between the Gobi desert and the beautiful grass plains some 100 kilometers south of Ulaanbaatar. Among other facilities, a medical tent and a race headquarters tent, and even a starlit sky open air restaurant have been provided.
The participant’s luggage placed in special race event bags prepared by the event organizers is loaded onto support trucks at the race start and delivered to the goal site for that race day. There is a 20 kilogram weight limit so equipment such as tents, sleeping bags and cold weather gear must be lightweight items. Meals are dispensed each day in the morning and evening. Aid stations are located every 6 kilometers along the route where various drinks and meals are available.

The temperature during the day is around 26 degrees Celsius. But cools to nearly 0 degrees Celsius during the early morning and night.

Sometimes a chilly rains briefly falls that can sap the heat from one’s body so bringing lightweight yet high-performance rain gear is essential. Please keep all these caution points in mind before participating in the race.

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